Mikrotik MTCNA

The MTCNA certificate confirms knowledge of most of the functionalities of MikroTik devices and the RouterOS system, including backup / upgrade, knowledge of LAN methodology and the Linux bridge mechanism, concepts of static routing, the firewall mechanism used in RouterOS, QoS queues, VPN technology applications, the entire spectrum of Wireless standards and use of various diagnostic tools.

ZSE School

The idea of building a school building for the “Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych” (an Electronic School) appeared in 1962 as an important element of the activities of the Technical Research Institutes of that time.

In 1965, “Huta Warszawa” started construction as a general contractor and, as initially planned, the construction was to be completed in 1968. The building, however, was not ready until August 1970, and the first students, who started their education in September this year, took an active part in preparation for the start of education. In November and December, work continued on furnishing the rooms and moving equipment from other institutions, and the first classes took place on January 4, 1971.

My first class at this school was in September 1995.

Information taken from the MONOGRAPHY of the ZSE (MONOGRAFIA Zespołu Szkół Elektronicznych 1971-1996) edited by M.Sc. Władysław Grzegorczyk